2020-2021 Partner Campaign

Each year at this time we gather together as a Partners’ community for our Leadership Partner Dinner and Christmas Breakfast celebrations. We present our State of the Agency report, hear ministry updates and in-person testimonies and present our vision for the new year. Our Partners provide their year-end support or their pledges, creating the financial foundation for the ministry in the new year.
Our Partners community has transformed Outreach from the early years of the ministry for troubled  youth in Wheaton into a multi-site, multi-faceted ministry serving children and families in five of the most vulnerable communities in the county. We praise God for this opportunity!
Let me be honest-I was very disappointed the day we realized that this year we would have to cancel our Leadership Dinners and Christmas Breakfast gatherings with our Partners community. It’s in our DNA to meet with one another in person!
Let me add to my honesty-It feels very daunting to shift to a virtual gathering as a personal appeal for your support through the internet and video technology. But as we settled into this idea we realized that we serve a Great God who has ordained this ministry and has inspired our Partner community with passion for those who are vulnerable and a respect for our staff as we carry out our calling to be the Salt and Light in our corner of the world. I am delighted that you are here and I pray that you will be inspired by our video reports.
The First Step in our Leadership Partners Report is a video report on our Leadership Transition Plan from Steve Whitmer, President of the Board of Trustees.
Please click the button below to open up the video  and then return to this page to access the rest of our reports.
The Second Step in our Partners Report is an Impact Report from our COO Vanessa Roth on Faith Development at Outreach. This includes testimonials from two young women who have chosen to follow Jesus into adulthood…you will be inspired.
The Final Step in our Partners Report is my State of the Agency update on our journey this year, adapting our ministry to the pandemic and then the highlights of our Vision Plans going into 2021.
Thank you for joining us for our 2020 Partner Update. The next step is yours. If you’re with us on this webpage you probably received our Annual Report and Partners commitment card in the mail.
Our Partners Campaign has reached a high bar. Today OCM Partners provide around 25% of the annual support we require for the new year. This year the goal is a very high number to raise $750,000, matching last year’s support. And if resources permit, to raise $100,000 in “stretch” support (over and above annual gifts) to cover our one-time safety and service expenses related to COVID-19. If you have already completed your annual Partners commitment-thank you-that is deeply appreciated.
To take action today, you have two options:

  • You can mail in your commitment card today with the envelope provided in the materials that were mailed to you. You also can print off this commitment card below.
  • You can give online today by clicking the “Give Online Now” button below (Please note that there is a 3% fee charged to Outreach to process your contribution online).

Thank you for the renewal of your Partner support! It is our honor to partner with you to serve our community in the powerful name of Jesus Christ.
In His Name,
Chris Ellerman
Chief Executive Officer