Sam’s Story

Sam’s Transformative Journey of Redemption

Sam’s childhood was gripped by fear and pain. She found comfort in her most difficult years through Outreach’s youth programs, where she gave her life to Jesus. However, she struggled with depression as she endured life-altering circumstances that tore her.

Navigating school soon became a challenge. Her sense of hopelessness began to cripple her. During this time, Outreach came by her side and provided crucial support and counseling resources to Sam and her mother. A compassionate support system at Outreach assured her she was not alone.

“Outreach saved my life.” —Sam

With Outreach’s guidance, she could dream of college and successfully graduated from Judson University. Sam’s life is a compelling testimony of the transformative power of Jesus and the nurture of a supportive community at Outreach.

She currently serves as a missionary alongside her husband with Missionary Flights International. Her mission transcends geographies as she supports families grappling with challenges. She lovingly points them to Jesus in the same way that Outreach poured into her life.

She walks daily with joy, knowing her worth in Christ and deeply imprinted by the ministry of Outreach. Outreach continues to impact countless lives, from despair to hope, enabling them to reach their God-given potential.